2 years ago
27th Friday 2012

If and when you do watch the Olympic opening ceremonies, take the time to give a little thought to the US Olympic team. You don’t have to look for anyone in particular, but just know, that in that crowd of gifted and talented athletes is my cousin.

Today, in his hometown of West Seneca, it is declared Matt Anderson day, in celebration for his making of the Olympic Team. This whole area in where I reside has been in much uproar, that our small part of the state gets some recognition, and no one could represent us better. Countless news women always state how handsome he is, or how good looking his photos come out. But they don’t know how kind, and loving he is, to all those around him. He is an amazing and spoiling uncle, who loves his nieces and nephews to no extent. He is a wonderful and loving son. His mother, my aunt, couldn’t be more proud and happy. And to his cousins and friends, he makes a brotherly figure, and a greater friend than one could ask.

I remember being small and singing “Matt is king of the castle and Tom’s a dirty rascal,” to irk my other cousin Tommy, whom which we were playing with. Back then, we didn’t know where he would be today. Volleyball was just a hobby, now it has turned into a lifestyle. I remember driving down to Penn State with the family to see him play there. We all cheered and got t-shirts supporting the college. When he was asked to play for Korea, we were dumbfounded that such a wonderful opportunity could come this way. Ever since he’s been away, my cousins never miss the chance to contact him via facebook or the occasional skype. I, personally, have never been as close as my other cousins have been with him, but it certainly does not stop me from being just as exuberant as they are. When he does come home, and now it is very rarely, we prioritize stopping to see him. 

He is beyond talented and caring, and he deserves nothing but the best. He is young, but matured and is more than deserving of his spot on the Olympic team.

Our whole family, and all of his friends beam with pride. Our undying support is always behind you. 

Go for the gold!

Love, your cousin,


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